Course Options

Ecosystem-based approaches and related efforts to reverse environment and land degradation should be reinforced as a means to manage disaster risks and deliver multiple socio-economic benefits. Africa Regional Platform on
Disaster Risk Reduction Outcome Document, May 2014

The MOOC is composed of two tracks;

Leadership Track: 6 units of learning geared towards policymakers, decision makers and senior professionals who need to obtain an overview of the topic and enable them to factor this concept into their planning and programming. The leadership track will be two hours per week for three weeks.

Experts Track: 15 additional units of instruction for professionals and students who seek more in-depth learning and skills development in applying Eco-DRR/ CCA tools. Students undertaking the Experts Track must also complete the Leadership Track for a total workload of 40-50 hours.

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More than a MOOC

UNEP/ GUPES and CNRD will leverage their global presence to provide additional support to the participants in the course, going beyond what traditional MOOC courses offer. There will be 10 regional centers around the world who will follow the MOOC’s delivery and provide tutorial support to students. The course will also have a 24/7 virtual center which will be active throughout the course, facilitating discussions and providing opportunity for participants to interact with real professionals.